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Face yoga is getting popular as a completely natural, non-invasive, easy and safe method to get genuinely youthful face and skin. By regularly practicing face yoga, you can expect to see improved muscle tone, smoother skin, brighter complexion and a well-shaped attractive face. Whether you're looking to prevent the signs of aging or simply want to improve the health of your face and skin, face yoga is a great place to start.

With Sayali's passion for holistic wellness, her thorough knowledge of face yoga, her additional qualification as a Nutritionist and her extensive experience in conducting face yoga classes and workshops, Sayali has become a trusted guide for those seeking to improve the health and appearance of their face and skin. Sayali has helped hundreds of women to achieve their dream of glowing skin and a healthy body. With her guidance and support, you can achieve a healthier and more youthful appearance that will leave you feeling confident and radiant.

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Preetida Dixit
Tarot Reader & Music Therapist

Earlier I used to think, Face Yoga is some kind of fad... but while attending Sayali's Online Face Yoga Sessions, I realized how important it is to take care of our face and facial skin.

Every week we used to get recipe of detox drinks, ingredients and method of preparing natural face masks or eye masks etc. By doing this just for 1 month, I have really pampered myself and my facial skin. When I see myself in the mirror, I notice that glow and softness which I wanted since long. Just in 1 month I worked on my problems like puffiness on face and dark circles.  

I would definitely recommend Sayali for her Online Face Yoga Sessions.

Ruchi Mittal

Sayali has really helped me get that confidence on my face and skin tone. By doing Face Yoga with Sayali, I have got that glow on my face which I always wanted. People have started noticing the difference on my face.

I am attending Face Yoga Online Classes with Sayali for past 3 months. Sayali has really helped me even out my face skin tone. I have severe pigmentation on my face and neck. But by doing Face Yoga with Sayali, I have got glow on my face. I intend to continue Sayali's Face Yoga now forever. Thank you Sayali so much...

Manali Deshpande

Within just one month after joining Sayali's Face Yoga Classes, I have started noticing great change on my face. I am getting compliments from friends and relatives !!! 😊

It gave me a great confidence by attending Sayali's Face Yoga Classes. Sayali is a nice friend to all and she helps to enhance the inner beauty. I have learnt one important thing, that just doing facials and going to parlor is not enough for actual health and beauty of face and skin. It is just external treatment and make-up. Face Yoga is something which brings out the natural beauty from within !!! 😀

Sayali offers a complete package with Face Yoga Sessions, Face Packs, Detox Drinks, Skin Glow Juices etc. It is very holistic, natural and very easy to follow regime.

I request everyone to join Face Yoga with Sayali and experience for yourself, the great positive change in your face and skin !!!

Kalpana Bhattbhatt

Within just one month after joining Sayali's Face Yoga Classes, pigmentation on my face has reduced and it has become faint. My skin has become tight and face is glowing.

Sayali conducts very nice Face Yoga Sessions and she is attentive towards everyone in the class. On Sundays, she conducts special sessions with very easy home-made face packs, face scrubs and many other very useful sessions.

I am getting immensely benefitted by Sayali's Face Yoga Classes and when my friends ask about the secret of all the positive changes on my face and skin, I recommend Sayali's name to everyone. Thank you Sayali very much for these Face Yoga Classes. It is helping me a lot !!!

Swati Sawant Vaste
Working Professional

Must try sessions girls... Very effective ! There are so many things we get to know. Sayali really supports and explains things so well... I did Sayali's 14 days Face Yoga Challenge and now I have joined her monthly Face Yoga Classes as well...

It's really a stress buster and good to pamper yourself always... Self love and care is the only key to being happy and providing happiness and love to others.. The class and overall routine is just amazing !!

I love the way sayali just puts her 200% to make sure you are doing it properly. By the way, my husband was telling the other day that my jaw-line has improved. I can see the change too. I have become a bit disciplined with the face routine... much more to do... I am surely going to continue for long... Thank u Sayali ! 

Reshma Chavan
Make-up Artist

तुमची शिकविण्याची पद्धत खूप छान आहे. आपण जे काही करतो, त्याचे फायदे समजावून सांगता, आणि सगळ्यात महत्त्वाचं म्हणजे तुमचं सगळ्यांवर लक्ष असतं. एकीनेही चुकीचं केलं, तरी तुमच्या लगेच लक्षात येतं आणि तुम्ही समजावून सांगता की, "हे बघ असं कर." तरीपण तुम्ही गुरु कमी आणि मैत्रीण जास्त आहात !!! 🤗

माझ्या चेहर्‍यावर खूप ग्लो आला आहे आणि पिंपल्स चा प्रॉब्लेम आधी पेक्षा बराच कमी झाला आहे. 😍👍

The exercises and facial masks are really effective, I could tell this really confidently as I can see the good changes in me. Not only that but I got compliments from my friends and relatives on how my skin is glowing and charming. All the credit goes to Sayali ma'am and her Face Yoga Sessions.

These sessions are worth it !! Must give a try. You won't ever regret it ! 👍

Arunima Pophali
Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Blogger

A thorough take on Face Yoga. Sayali gives a lot of attention right from the time of enquiry. She makes a great “maahaul” before the course starts which makes you enthusiastic about the classes and workshop. She is very polite but makes sure that you do all the exercises/massages properly. I got compliments from my mother and brother for glowing face after I started attending Sayali's Sessions. Thanks Sayali for this lovely face yoga workshop.

Deepa Rathi Mantri

Sayali is an amazing instructor. Though it's not possible for me to attend her regular classes but I will make sure that in every season I must attend Sayali's Face Yoga Challenge 😊.

I will recommend that everyone should attend Sayali's Face Yoga Sessions and pamper themselves, that too at very reasonable fees. 🤩

Renuka Paturkar

Thank you so much, Sayali, for these amazing Face Yoga Sessions... 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️

The sessions are very interactive and informative. Now I am more cautious about water intake and mindful breathing. You are a fabulous instructor and your smile is contagious.🤗

Sayali, I am glad to share with you that because of your Face Yoga session, there is a significant change in my thyroid level. The neck exercise and breathing techniques have done wonders. I am very happy to experience the amazing benefits of Face Yoga. Less hair fall, nourished and soft skin, reduced dark circles, less pigmentation, and much more. Thank you so much, Sayali !!! 

Prreeya Shairikar
Working Professional

Sayali is always available to clear your doubts. She is so easy to talk to, just like a friend. 😀 Thanks for a wonderful experience. 😊

You owe it to yourself to try the Face Yoga along Class of Sayali. Shear bliss and the ultimate of relaxation. After the session just go to bed and sleep like a baby. 😊

The classes are also long enough to really feel the benefits of exercising, stretching, relaxing, engaging and letting go.

Deepa Vanjare
Author, Poet

Frankly speaking I don't like parlor n makeup n all... I was searching something natural... & here I got you !!!
Face Yoga is just amazing ! This is what I was searching from last few years...

I really wanted to do this Face Yoga Sessions but it was like “Bhagwan deta hai chhappar faad k deta hai.” Along with Face Yoga, you taught us so many things:
🌏 Mindful Breathing
🌏 Skin Glow Juices
🌏 Natural Face Packs
🌏 Detox Drinks
🌏 Skin Glow Meditations
🌏 Face Oil Massages

Everyone must join this. Sayali, you must increase fees of these sessions !! You are giving too much for such less price...

It's a bundle of amazing things... Thanks Sayali... Really really grateful to you !

Vaishali Dangi
Working Professional

Everyone must try awesome and peaceful experience of Face Yoga. 🧘🏻‍♀️😇
लाइफ में बहोत सारे टेंशन्स है, तो सिर्फ सायली मॅम के पास आ जाओ - for peace and glowing skin !! 👏🏻😇😊

I was feeling low due to some personal issues, I saw the post on the Facebook Group and attended the 15 days Online Face Yoga. Every day was new and interesting session. 🤩 My favourite was Candle Meditation !! 🕯️

जे काही attend केलं, ते awesome होतं. 😇😊🤗
For the first time after so long, I was feeling so calm and peaceful. 😘🥰
मी अशी शांत स्वतःसाठी कधी बसले नव्हते. पण ह्यावेळेस घाई करुन, धडपड करुन, पटापट घरातली सगळी कामे आवरुन मी सेशन्स attend केले - For My Betterment !!! 🤩🥳 सायली मॅम तुमच्यासोबत जे काही attend केलं, तो खूप भारी experience होता. मोठा फॅन झालो आपुन तुमचा !!! 😍🥰😘

My skin has become very soft !! प्रेमात पडले मी माझ्या स्कीन च्या !!! 🥰😘

Thanks to you !!!! I am going to attend again forever !!! ✨🌈☀️🌤️

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About Sayali
A Journey
from passion to profession

Ms. Sayali
Certified Face Yoga Specialist
Certified Nutritionist

Few words by Sayali
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It pains me to see so many women resorting to harmful chemical cosmetics, treatments, surgeries, and artificial health supplements in order to improve their beauty and health. I have always been passionate about finding natural and holistic ways to enhance women's beauty and health. After conducting extensive research, I discovered Face Yoga. I personally practiced Face Yoga for many months and was amazed by its effects on my own life. I then decided to study Face Yoga extensively and spread this magical science to other women in our society. Since then, my journey began, and Face Yoga has become my area of expertise. Face Yoga gives solutions to almost all face and skin problems.

With my expertise as a Nutritionist, I have taken Face Yoga to the next level by incorporating natural Ayurvedic formulas for face packs, skin-glow juices, detox drinks, and more. In my packages, I have added a variety of other sessions which enhance the effects of Face Yoga. This unique combination has enhanced the effectiveness of Face Yoga, giving you radiant and youthful skin that glows from within. I now have hundreds of satisfied clients who have trusted me and have drastically improved their facial beauty and skin health with this 100% natural, super-safe and highly effective technique of Face Yoga.

I also specialize as an Ayurvedic and Modern Nutritionist. I provide diet plans for weight management and specific health concerns, such as thyroid issues, PCOD, menopausal issues, lifestyle disorders, and more. My diet plans are easy to follow, natural, safe, and do not involve any fad-diets. Many clients have benefited from my diet plans and are satisfied with their improved health and self-worth.

Please read and listen to the honest feedback of my satisfied clients in their own words on the "Clients' Feedbacks" and "Success Stories" sections available on this website.

All of our services, plans, and packages are listed on this website. Please feel free to contact me for more information, any concerns or questions. Join me on this journey to discover the natural and holistic way to redefine your beauty and health. Thank you so much.

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